RC4 Online Encryption and Decryption Tool

What is RC4 Encryption

RC4 is a stream cipher known for its simplicity and efficiency, widely used in various software and protocols. Originally designed by Ron Rivest in 1987, while its exact details were kept private, subsequent reverse engineering made the algorithm public knowledge. A key feature of RC4 is its variable key length, meaning the key can vary within a wide range, offering flexible security options.

RC4 operates by using a key to generate a pseudorandom byte stream, which is then XOR-ed (exclusive OR) with plaintext data to produce ciphertext. Due to its straightforward algorithmic structure, RC4 is highly efficient in execution, especially suitable for applications requiring rapid encryption. Moreover, its simplicity also makes it very practical in low-resource environments, such as embedded systems or mobile devices.

Despite its popularity due to efficiency and flexibility, over time, security researchers have identified some potential weaknesses in RC4, mainly involving key management and initialization vector handling, which could lead to data leakage. Therefore, more advanced algorithms like AES are recommended for use in high-security applications.

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